Becoming the Absolute U in the area of physical health. 

The diet is your number one key to success. What you eat, drink, breathe, and what you put on your skin is how you bring the outside world in.  


The Lymphatic System is the most vital system of your body to detoxify and is essential to your success. I will even be so bold as to say that everyone has a stagnant lymph system to one degree or another. This is vital in that all your cells "eat" and "excrete." Your lymph system is your sewer system. Your lymph nodes are your septic tanks. Keep them cleaned out!

How do we do this? Detoxification of course. More importantly; detoxification using only all natural means. Diet and Herbs. Plain and Simple.


Superior deep-tissue detoxification can only take place with fruits. Vegetables, because of their lower energetic, antioxidant and astringent properties, and their complex cellulose structures will only detoxify you so far, and then you will reach a plateau. Add fruit and botanicals to the mix and you will have a superior way to win over the physical ailments at all levels. 

Emotional Outlook

Looking beyond our physical body, what else can we say about ourselves? How about Emotions? Very real, but not physical at all. We can't see them with our physical eyes but we sure can feel them. What we think, feel, and say have a deep effect upon our physical well being. We look at health WHOLElistically at Absolute U and offer methods and resources to help you gain not only the physical but the emotional results you desire. 

Canine Detox

The cause of most health issues are found within the lymphatic system. Just like humans, dogs are made of cells and two main fluids. The blood, which can be considered our kitchen and the lymphatic fluid, our sewage system. Illness is expressed when the lymphatic system can’t effectively remove bio-accumulated waste. Cells eat and poop just like we do, when this system is backed up symptoms begin to express. What we don't eliminate we accumulate. 


This is one of nature’s greatest, and at present, only soft tissue analysis. It will give you a "road map" of your strengths and weaknesses. It will also show your congestive (lymphatic) and chemical accumulations. This is invaluable in helping you to address your glandular or organ weaknesses.

Click this link for a guide on how to take your own iris pictures:


 Our formulas are unique in that they were designed by a Practitioner for other Practitioners after over 40 years of research and clinical use. They are made with the highest quality organic or ethically wildcrafted herbs (our supplier knows each grower personally!) and are extremely fresh. We use a higher concentration of herbs to alcohol in our tinctures (1:4 vs. 1:5 typically used in other herbal preparations) for maximum potency, and our formulas are made in small batches on a regular basis to ensure the freshest products on the market. And finally, they have been used in a clinical setting for over 30 years with great success. So we can honestly say from experience that these herbal formulas work—and work extremely well! We have a worldwide reputation in successful work using regenerative detoxification to restore the human body back to health and vitality.