Services Overview

CONSULTATION & PROTOCOLS – Phone or Skype consultation, Iridology, wellness analysis, herbal, and nutritional suggestions. $159   Canine Consult - $99

IRIDOLOGY  –  Know where your strengths and weaknesses are. An indispensable tool for targeting your lymphatic detoxification. $99

How to take eye photos.
Email eye pictures to:


Wellness Consultation

The initial consult using the phone or Skype normally lasts 1½ hours and includes:

  • Wellness analysis (fill out Health assessment prior to consultation) 
  • Instructional and Educational Material to support you during detox
  • Nutritional Suggestions
  • Iridology Review of Eye Photos (provided by client unless local)
  • 10-14 Week Herbal Protocol - Cost of Herbs are separate and varies depending on how determined you are for health
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1 Hour Follow Up Consult
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  • An audio recorded analysis of the iris
  • Mapped picture of the Iris - sent in electronic form 

Health Assessment Form and Iris Photos are necessary. Any Iris Photos taken by Elle in person will require an additional fee depending on location. 

Electronic copy provided at no cost, report can be mailed for an additional fee.

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Canine Detox

That's right! Even our furry friends need a clean up now and then. Consults are done with owner via skype or phone. Depending on location, in person consults can be available. 

The initial consult using the phone or Skype normally lasts 1½ hours and includes:

  • Wellness analysis
  • Diet Suggestions
  • Iridology Review of Animal Eye Photos (provided by client)
  • 6-8 Week Protocol - Cost of Herbs are separate
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Regarding pricing of herbs:

Like any other consultation, it's just that. No doctor can tell you up-front how long it will take you to heal or how much the entire process will cost (and we’ve seen so many people stripped of their money and lives due to medical industries ridiculous pricey procedures)  However; going the natural route is ALWAYS better. We are on the curative side of chemistry, allopathic (or the medical industry) is not. 

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • How much did it cost me to end up where I am today knowing that everything I put in and on my body had a direct effect to my health?
  • How much have I paid in health ( they should call it “sick”)  insurance over the years (and never used) or am paying to have that “free” visit to the doctor?
  • How much do analysis’s, tests, MRIs, checkups, prescriptions, cost even though they aren’t helping the root cause?
  • How much have I spent on eating out, wine, soda, dairy and meat products? (the savings my client see are amazing when eliminating toxic acidic dead food - they also love shifting their hard earned money to the things giving them life) 

Now with that in mind, ask yourself this..

  • Would it be worth $300, $500, or even $2,000 to get my health back in order, creating a lifestyle for myself that gives me more energy, vitality, a body I desire that would then help me to make more money and enjoy life?

I hope your answer is YES! and like my other clients have stated, its so worth it! Commitment is key and remember that money is just energy (which is our greatest resource) and no money is worth living in a painful decaying body with no energy. Invest in yourself. You’ll be glad you did and I’m happy to guide you.

For the greater good

No one is ever turned away for lack of funds but if you truly can’t afford this please make a deep personal assessment and pay what you can. Please email me and let's see what we can do. Thank you!